Hey Boss – Are you why some of your reps are lagging?

If your sales team is like most I’ve seen, you’ve got some reps who are self-motivated go-getters. Ya gotta love those reps! But then there are the others. The ones who show up and do just what it takes to get by, if that. Not much in the way of new business generation. Just enough…

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Who is the Best Sales Coach? Manager vs Peer vs Outsourced

I recently wrote a post on LinkedIn about why sales managers don’t coach. In the comments to that post, a few people suggested that front line sales managers shouldn’t be coaching at all. Instead, they said, coaching should be done by peers (“who wants to be criticized by their boss”) or outsourced (“the skills don’t…

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Is it ever OK to Micromanage Reps?

Micromanagement…. The term makes the hair on your neck stand up – and not in a good way. The term makes you think of managers obsessed with the trees, and with no clue that a forest even exists. Counting calls Nitpicking over forms Nagging about CRM compliance Not pretty. Not fun. Not helpful. Not productive.…

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How to make sales training stick

  One of the biggest complaints about sales training is that the things learned in the training rarely if ever get incorporated into the work habits of the participants. The training might have been entertaining, and maybe even full of great material that – if applied – could really improve things for those who used…

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Why your sales manager doesn’t coach

Most would agree, the idea of coaching makes a lot of sense – in sales, and elsewhere. Why wouldn’t you want someone with great, relevant experience talking through challenges with people who want to improve? We even seek these conversations outside of professional life – like when we talk to a friend about a problem.…

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Process, Technique or Relationships?

Which is more important for sales success: 1) A well developed and repeatable sales process 2) Effective techniques to use with prospects and customers, or 3) Relationships with prospects and customers You hear this kind of question in group discussions and blog posts. Maybe you even had this conversation with managers and colleagues in your…

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How to improve sales revenue?

How to improve sales revenue? It is a question that haunts salespeople, managers, executives and owners. Sometimes it comes in a different form: “How the h*ll am I going to hit my number” If you search Google, or Amazon, or most anywhere sales professionals might go, you can find a thousand answers to that question:…

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Are You Buying A Sales Success Magic Pill?

“If you just buy this one thing, everything will be wonderful!” Do you believe it? Advertisers have been using this core message for as long as I have been fascinated by television commercials. Whatever it is that is being advertised, the format is often the same. Show an unhappy situation (stained clothes; headache; whatever) Then…

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Managing salespeople is hard. Here’s how to make it easier.

Managing front line salespeople is hard. Period. Whether you are a front line sales manager, a senior sales executive like a Director, VP or COO – or if you are the head of a small company that doesn’t have a dedicated front line sales manager and you take on that role yourself (on top of…

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Does the sales process matter?

Does the sales process exist – and matter? A while back I got into a rather contentious discussion about sales process with a guy who calls himself a “sales research expert”. I was describing the sales process or framework-based approach that I use as a vehicle for sales organization improvement with my clients, and he…

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