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We need to connect the dots...

Many sales improvement programs focus on only one core thing - sales skills, or process, or compensation, or leads, or tools, or tech, or coaching...

Each of those things is important - but to thrive, you need them all to work, and more importantly  - to work together.

Front line salespeople need to know what to do, managers need to support them and hold them accountable, and there needs to be a toolset that supports all of that and ties the whole thing together.

Let's talk - and take a look at what's really happening on the ground in your sales organization, and what we can do to connect the dots and make the whole thing work better - and get more sales for everyone!

Here's What Others Are Saying About working with me

I consult, coach and train B2B sales organizations - here is some client feedback

david makela

President, The People Centric Group

samuel mignot

Owner, Inspiring Design

"David’s training helped us to create a system of selling that has continued on far beyond the trainings. We recommend working with David to any organization trying to improve the efficiency of their sales force."

Matt Lynch

Manager, Stanley & Stella SA

"David’s training is very systematic, which fits well with my own approach to sales. Our field is IT, and in our field, processes and systems are critical parts of the foundations of success. David's approach offers the same kind of discipline with respect to a sales organization, and can make sales acceptable and understandable even for an engineer like me."

sandor danko

CEO & Owner, ITware

"David’s methodology really helped to improve the effectiveness of our sales force and to improve our sales results where it counts - at the front line and at the bottom line."

Gabor Hauser

Managing Director, EuroMACC

it all starts with a solid process

To optimize your sales team, you have to nail down what needs to get done, then move on to how and why. This eBook is not short, but it will walk you through the process. I hate mailing lists as much as anyone, so click here and just ask me for it and I'll send it to you - and I won't put you on my list because I don't have one!

Find Me On Linkedin...

I post and comment on LinkedIn most every week. Happy to connect with you there, or just come take a look at what kinds of conversations I'm starting and getting into as one more way to learn about how I see sales and if it fits with your views as well.

selling is essentially a conversation.
let's have one to see if we're a match