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I've been in professional sales since 1991 and you know something - finding success in sales hard.

Anyone who tells you differently is not telling you the whole story, and if you are involved in sales, you know that this is true.

It was hard for me to get started in both sales and sales management, it’s been hard for my colleagues, for my bosses and for my clients once I started training and consulting.

But you know what - while some rare individuals do seem to have some kind of gift of sales magic, those ordinary humans and certainly sales organizations as a whole tend to be much more likely to find success when they take a more systematic approach to their work...

I know - that’s not very sexy - but it’s true.

Hi - I’m David Masover, and welcome to my web site

This website is full of resources to help you figure out how to create your own selling system - for yourself as an individual salesperson or front line sales manager but most importantly for the sales organizations as a whole.

A lot of these resources are free but let’s be honest with each other from the start - Ultimately, I would like you to buy my online training course.

I mean let’s face it - these days, anyone who's giving away free stuff on the Internet is probably trying to sell you something or at least get your name on a list so that they can sell your name to somebody else.

But that's OK - I'm willing to invest.

I willing to invest in some free resources for you so that you get to know me and what I can do for you and your sales organization and the people in it. So please - look around this website and dive in where it makes sense for you.

I've got a blog and it's full of articles that are categorized based on what it is you might be interested in learning, and

There are free courses that you can take to help you learn important skills and ideas, and at the same time to help you learn a little bit more about my teaching style and what it is that I can do to help you

And finally if you do decide to buy the program - that’s great - go for it you can even do that today with no risk or obligation.

You can take a look at everything in the program and we’ve got a 30 day money back guarantee, so if you buy the program, go through the materials and decide that you don't like what you see, just send me an email I'll send your money back - easy as that

But whatever you do, remember this.

To find consistent, predictable, drama free sales success - you need a systematic approach to your sales and sales management efforts throughout your entire sales organization.

All of the work I have done myself and with clients since 1991 has led to this conclusion.

Over the years, I've helped a lot of people with this, and I want to thank you in advance for digging into the resources here on this site to see if it makes sense for me to work with you and to help you as well.

You don't have believe the nice words in this video.

Take a look around to see what my work is all about and how it can help you, and contact me if you have any questions.

I really can help you if you give me the chance, and I thank you now, in advance, for the chance to do so.

Who is David Masover?


David Masover is a internationally recognized sales force development consultant and a best selling author of several books on sales and sales management.

In spite of all of that, David was not a natural born salesperson.

In fact, he completely bombed in his first two sales jobs.

But sales was the first job that David failed at. He was unwilling to let selling beat him, so he did you would expect the son of a scientist to do: he studied and he experimented.

Over a few years and a few sales jobs, David created systems, and tested ways of executing and organizing his work. His results began to improve, and while sales is never easy, using his organically developed methodology, selling became systematic.

Over time, David began managing, training, consulting, blogging and writing based on these tried and true organic methods. The result is a set of work designed to empower anyone with the will to invest the effort to succeed in sales.

David has taken all of the experience he has gathered in sales, sales management, consulting and training and created The Momentum Selling System® online sales training program. The program is directed at salespeople who are motivated enough to work towards their success, and has a lot to offer for those who do. You can learn more about that on the Courses page of this web site, or contact David using the contact form on this site.

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