Then you need clarity:
  • What’s truly standing in your way?
  • What should you do to solve the problem(s)?
  • Just as importantly, what shouldn’t you do to try to improve sales performance?
  • Book a private Diagnosis and Insights call with David Masover today, and learn how to quickly cultivate a thriving sales culture.

When your sales team isn’t performing, it’s hard for anyone to love their jobs. Life is too short for that kind of stress – let’s find out how to transform your sales culture for good.

David Masover

Maybe it’s time
for a little acceptance…

If you’re anything like many of the sales and company leaders I meet, you’re frustrated with the performance of your sales team right now.

You want to grow the success of your organization, of course, but nothing you’ve tried in the past has gotten you there.

What you want most, though, is for each member of your sales team to reach their individual selling potential, get excited about the opportunities your organization provides, and create incredible success for themselves, their prospects and customers, and your sales organization.

That’s not too much to ask, is it?

But it might be time for a little acceptance.

After all, you’ve been racking your brain trying to come up with a solution – the “one thing” that will finally allow more of your salespeople to hit their goals every month.

You’ve probably even tried some of the popular sales hacks, strategies, and tools that experts are fond of recommending today – templated, one-size-fits-all “fixes” that don’t really fix anything at all.

No matter what, you haven’t been able to find that “one thing.”

So your sales organization still suffers from inconsistent results, demotivated team members, and a sales culture that is built on just enough anxiety to keep reps making calls.

It’s time to accept that there’s no “one thing.”

If there was, every sales leader on Earth would be well paid, well fulfilled, and well rested.

As you already know, it’s not that simple.



Once you’ve let go of the idea of “one thing,” you recapture the ability to gain clarity on what’s really standing in your sales organization’s way.

The core of the problem is never about a specific sales technique or a “simple tweak.” It’s about a complex web of factors enmeshed in your organization’s culture, processes, and systems.

That web looks different for every organization.

It’s something that’s very difficult to see when you’re standing at the center of it, and even harder to unravel so you can start building a solid sales foundation.

That’s why consulting with a 30-year veteran sales leader like me is so powerful.

You get a seasoned expert who has stood in your shoes, but isn’t in them now.

That means I have the experience and perspective to rapidly diagnose core issues in your sales organization, and recommend a path to better results, happier salespeople, and more success for everyone in your organization.


I want to be clear that Diagnosis and Insight calls are investments of time, attention, and money. That’s probably not an issue for you – you recognize that most free “discovery calls” are thinly veiled sales pitches anyway.

Because I am asking you to invest an hour of your time and attention, along with a nominal fee, it’s important to me that you understand what you’re getting:

  • I’ll ask specific questions about your sales organization to determine the factors that are creating frustration and stunting success. Like any reputable expert, I understand that you “don’t know what you don’t know,” and this part is about uncovering what you may not know about your team.
  • We’ll discuss your personal, professional, and organizational goals, and why it’s important for you to stop looking for the “one thing” and start implementing effective processes and systems to generate tangible improvement.
  • We’ll identify the step-by-step approach that will help you and your sales team achieve your goals the fastest, while eliminating unproductive activities to give you back hours of your time each week.
  • You’ll have an opportunity to ask questions about our conversation. It’s important to me that when we conclude our call, you have the clarity and confidence that’s been eluding you.


A smooth-operating, successful sales team can be just a few months away, and it all starts with your private Diagnosis and Insights call.

I look forward to helping you find a path to better sales performance, more success, and the time to enjoy it all.

Book a private Diagnosis and Insights call with David Masover today and learn how to quickly cultivate a thriving sales culture.