The Sales side of Business!

From the point of view being a corporate software developer turned entrepreneur, I needed some serious help in the area of sales and this book/author delivered! It walks you through the sales cycle in a very clearly defined way, step by step with examples. I would like to thank the author, I really do feel more confident and at ease with part of our business!

Craig C

Great resource for sales reps and sales managers

I've read a great many sales books in my 20+ years of sales and sales management. This is the first one I've read that clearly puts all the elements of the sales process together in a clear, concise, comprehensive manner. If you're looking for some new and exciting sales tricks, this is NOT your book! If you like being all over the board with your sales efforts and like to operate without a plan, this book is NOT for you.

However, if you're looking to re-examine your sales efforts and implement a complete, well thought out process, this book is definitely for you. There is no new sales ground broken here - the book's brilliance is in pulling all the steps in the sales process together in a format that is easy to understand and implement. Then, the book's format and appendices serve as a great reference manual.

If I had to recommend just one book on sales, this would be it.


A MUST READ for Anyone in Sales at any Stage

I have started my sales career in the probably the worst economic times and this sales book was just what I needed to gain confidence and win deals. I was going around aimlessly trying to shoot a dart at the board and wondering why I didn't have the same luck as the other reps who just seemed to fall into a great deal. I laugh at that statement now because sales really is not about luck, but rather about a process. The ones who understand the process are the ones who fall into the great deals. I have to say that now I have a greater understanding of a day-to-day structure, and have been more successful in closing deals. I am not yet where I want to be, however with David's book and the tools that are provided, I know that I will surpass my sales goals for the year.


Made me re-create my sales funnel

I got this book and was a little hesitant about opening it up and really digging into it. The reason for this was because I was unsure about my sales funnel. I was unsure about which parts of my funnel were the weakest and which were the strongest. What parts should I be working on and which parts don't need any more work?

After opening the book, grabbing my highlighter and preparing to face a challenge..I started reading this book. I sure am glad I did because it helped me to identify my weakest points in my sales funnel and provided a plan of action on improving this section.

This is one of those books that you will need to take action on in order for it to truly work for your business. You may have a weak portion of your sales funnel and might not be willing to step up your game in order to improve it. If you are planning on growing your business, you will want to step it up and grab this book along with re-creating your sales funnel in order to make it more effective for you. All in all, a terrific book that was a very quick read.

Chris Hughes

Managing the Sales Process:
Six Steps to Sales Organization Success

Managing the Sales Process is the second book from international sales consultant and entrepreneur David Masover. His first book, Mastering Your Sales Process, helps salespeople and sales managers develop a winning sales process. This second book goes a step further and shows sales managers how to manage their sales organization and the people in it using Masover’s simple but powerful six-step model.

In this practical, tactical, hands-on book, you will learn:

  • How to defy the limitations of the 80/20 rule
  • How to look for the right attributes and skills in the salespeople you want to hire
  • How to develop a sales process that works for you and your team
  • How to use that sales process to manage and motivate your team
  • How and why to hold salespeople accountable for their results
  • How and why you should be continuously recruiting, and growing

Mastering Your Sales Process:
How to Create a Winning Sales Process for You, Your Boss, and Your Prospects

Whether you are new to sales or have years of experience, an individual salesperson or a manager looking to increase team effectiveness, David Masover’s Mastering Your Sales Process: How to Create a Winning Sales Process for You, Your Boss, and Your Prospects provides the tools to develop a sales process that produces results. Two decades of global experience have provided Masover with the insight and clarity to develop his process selling solution. Experience has also convinced the author that a well-defined process executed with discipline and given the necessary support by sales management is the key to greater efficiency and profits. This book guides readers through successful process-based selling and the development of a customized, actionable personal sales plan.
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The Salesman’s Guide to Dating:
A Sales Book About Making Connections

  • How to find the best places to look for the right potential connections
  • How to reach out to those connections in a way that starts you out on the “right foot”
  • How to make sure early on that both of you feel that it’s worth the time to get to know each other
  • How to learn what the other person is looking for, and to establish yourself as the person to get that from
  • How to make suggestions for moving forward together that are more likely to succeed
  • How to respond to questions, concerns and other forms of reluctance
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