Is breaking the rules a good thing? Not really, but never breaking the rules might be worse.

I was watching a sports match a while ago, and the announcer commented that one of the teams had the longest record in league history for not getting a penalty.

On the one hand this is commendable.  It implies discipline, precision, sportsmanship, and many other good things.  But I couldn’t help thinking that there was something not so positive about it as well.

It seems to me that when people play their hardest, and really push themselves, sometimes they step over the line of what is OK and what is not.  This is different from a blatant, ugly breach of the rules.  That is never OK.  The occasional mild breach is part of the normal distribution of events when one is pushing the limits.  The total absence of this kind of occasional breach seems too safe to me.

When we try to grow – as athletes, individuals or part of a business, growth comes from pushing limits and seeing where exactly the boundaries are and how they might be changing.  Technology and globalization are pushing the world economy and all of the local pieces that make it up faster and faster.  This occurs in geographies, as well as industries.

While one might have a perfectly content career staying inside of a comfort zone, those who wish to fly, excel, grow, achieve big things and break new ground are going to need to push the rules from time to time, and from time to time, they will probably push them a little to far.  Sometimes, that can be expensive, embarrassing, or worse.

Anyone playing sports long enough will have had their fair share of penalties and mistakes. Probably a few that cost the game.

One critical thing to learn is how to show up for the next play and the next game ready to go. Put the mistake behind you and move on.

The same applies in business and in life.  Don’t seek mistakes, but don’t fear them.  When they come, learn from them, then move on.  Categorically, mistakes are not a sign of weakness or a cause for shame.  Within reasonable limits, they are just a sign that you are reaching for something great.

So go for it…. but try not to make the same one too many times!


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