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Closing – The Seventh and Last Step of the Sales Process

Closing is the part of the sales process that seems to be the most important, the hardest, even the most glamorous.  You hear closing spoken of in movies, and in sales job advertisements like it is some special trick that someone knows how to do, or that it is like magic…

“…What we need is a closer…”

“…He was a good guy, but he just couldn’t close the deal…”

You even hear about all kind of great closing techniques, like:

The assumptive close
“So, when should we deliver that?”

The alternate choice close
“So would you like to pay for that in cash or with your credit card”

The puppy dog close
Give them a trial, like a pet store owner would do with a puppy, and it will likely never be returned but rather paid for

What all of these tricks and assumptions seem to miss is this:  If you do a bad job at everything that leads up to the close, no trick can save you.

  • If your prospect is not qualified, they can’t buy, no matter what tricks you use
  • If you did not find the real problem that your product solved in Needs Analysis, what you suggest might be off-target compared to what the prospect wants, and it will be hard to close, no matter what tricks you use

On the other hand, if you did Qualify well, and did a great Needs Analysis, then baked the findings of and agreements made in your Needs Analysis into your offer, then closing can be as easy as:

Great, so let’s do it

Or something similar.

Closing techniques just don’t work, especially if your prospect has any level of experience or sophistication at all.  If you are lucky, you won’t land too hard on your ass when they rightfully throw you out of their office for trying to use one.

When you do everything that leads to the close like a professional, the deal almost closes itself.  All that you need to do, is suggest finalizing the deal with a simple question.

  • Great, then let’s fill out the paperwork
  • OK, I’ll send the contract and the invoice
  • Super, so it sounds to me like we have a deal.

Closing is the easiest and the hardest thing to do.  The difference depends on what you do before you get ready to try it.

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