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"David’s program was very practical and effective. He spells out exactly what to do and just how to do it in order to efficiently pursue new business. The overall result was a personalized plan for business development that suited me perfectly."

Stephanie Schanz
Stephanie Schanz Legal Lingua LLC

"Anyone who has been in sales for some time has probably been through many trainings. What makes the difference and increases effectiveness of the sales force and sales management? New tools? New Approaches? The charisma and talent of the trainer? Maybe all of them? In any case, David offers all of these and more. I would highly recommend his program as a solid choice for a sales and sales management training program."

Olga Lutsenko
Olga Lutsenko Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc.

"David’s coaching and training helped establish the foundations for business development processes that we can and are successfully building our business on”.

Paul Binder
Paul Binder BINDER & Partners Executive Search

“The most important lesson that I took away from working with David is that sales is not the scary Magic Kingdom I once thought it to be. Rather, it is driven by logic and causality. Even though it took me a while to change my mindset about how to organize the sales activities of my company and how to build my sales team, we have received considerable value from his program, and I highly recommend it."

Istvan Fulop
Istvan Fulop TrM Translations

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    Building Your Sales Process Special Coaching Package
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      A 4-session coaching package designed to help you customize and optimize the work you did in the Building Your Sales Process workbook. The work together starts with you reading Building Your Sales Process and working through the workbook. This will give us a solid starting point that we can leverage into a very high powered personal selling system for you in a very short amount of time.

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