The Momentum Selling System®

A step-by-step guide to build your personalized B2B selling system

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This course will walk you step-by-step through the core strategies and tactics needed to accelerate your sales efforts. From the foundational elements up to advanced tactics and methodologies, this course will help you become a much more effective B2B salesperson, in much less time, and to feel great doing it! Guaranteed!

Full Course Contents

Module #1: Orientation

Module #2: Introduction & Overview

Module #3: The Universal Sales Process

Module #4: The Right Sales Mentality

Module #5: Leads

Module #6: Prospecting

Module #7: Mutual Qualification

Module #8: Needs Analysis

Module #9: Trial Solutions & The Professional Close

Module #10: Proposal

Module #11: Objections

Module #12: Closing

Module #13: Repeat Business

Module #14: Client Base Optimization

Module #15: Conclusion

What You'll Learn

Here's an overview of the concepts, tactics and strategies you will learn in this course

  • How to develop a sales mentality that will set you up for client success
  • How to build a customized, individual sales process
  • How to develop your own personal selling system
  • How to use The Pareto Planner to optimize your client base over time
  • How to accelerate closing on each and every high potential opportunity
  • How to automate repeat business from your best clients
  • Need Analysis (Discovery) question development methodology
  • How to recognize and include the universal elements of effective discovery
  • How to systemetize new business development from new and existing customers

"The Momentum Selling System® training helped me to rethink and reorganize our sales activities. The training was action oriented. We learned specific tactics for many areas of sales and the sales organization that were made easy to understand and easy to put into action. The examples were on target and understandable, now it is up to us to implement. By the end of the training, we all knew exactly what we needed to do!"

Reka Ujj
Reka Ujj Zucchetti Group

"The Momentum Selling System® training program was well worth the time. Concepts were thought-out, well-organized and to the point. The structure of the training divided ideas and real everyday tools into meaningful subsets: just the right size for absorption, discussion & integration."

Ronna Narotsky
Ronna Narotsky Teleperformance, USA

"The Momentum Selling System® program is full of theory, practical advice and real world examples which makes it energetic and fun. Because the program offers both good general advice as well as opportunities to personalize the ideas, the end result was specifically tailored to address our company’s relevant needs. I can definitely recommend this program."

Erzsebet Poor-Pocsi
Erzsebet Poor-Pocsi BEE Environmental Communication

"The Momentum Selling System® training is not just theoretically sound, but more importantly grounded in the real constraints of every day life."

Peter Temesvary
Peter Temesvary ERM (Environmental Resources Management)

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