In contrast to the lone wolf image of the salesperson of yesteryear, there is no doubt that more and more salespeople are working as a part of a team. In spite of that, salespeople still need to find their own individual motivation and inspiration, and for many, having a role model can help.

But what role model?

Sometimes we are lucky enough to have an actual person – someone who embodies characteristics or skills or attitudes or a level of success that we admire and wish to emulate.

Whether or not you are lucky enough to have that, I have found that a doctor can be a great role model for sales – specifically a general practitioner.

Why is the doctor a good model – consider this:

In my books and training programs, I suggest this mindset for sales success:

I am a subject matter expert. My job is to help qualified prospects make a good decisions about solving a problem using my products or services.

When you take this mindset, your goals are aligned with the prospect (solving their problems) and you are capable of adding value to the process by virtue of your subject matter expertise and your “here to help” orientation.

The doctor takes essentially the same approach to their patients.

We trust doctors because we believe that they are – and see them demonstrate – subject matter expertise. They know human anatomy, medicines and treatments, and the best way to quickly diagnose our condition. They may not be able to solve it (i.e. they may not be the surgeon), but they know how to direct us to the next step in our solution.

If you want to succeed in sales, learn your craft like a doctor knows theirs.

  • Be a subject matter expert
  • Learn how to establish rapport so that your “patient” will let you do a diagnosis
  • Become a great diagnostician
  • Know well the solutions that fit the problems you can diagnose

When you put yourself in position to solve the kinds of real problems that your prospective customers may have and do a great job of coming to understand the issues behind those problems and the elements of a successful solution, the rest of sales is pretty easy.

In other words, when we trust the doctor and the diagnosis, we usually accept his suggestion for a treatment.

Deal done!



Authors note (AKA shameless plugs)

So, this 7-step sales process and associated topics…. Yup, I write about that a lot. I’ve been working with it since I developed it about 25 years ago – in my own diverse work experiences, with my teams when I had them, and with clients ever since.

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Here’s to your success!