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From Chapter 1 – The Right Attributes

Let me illustrate the fallacy of education as a predictive indicator of future sales success through a personal experience. As with all examples in the book, the names have been changed.

Through a string of connections and coincidences, I was asked to give a few guest lectures at a local business school. The students and teachers were quite receptive and appreciative of my experience and the way I presented it, so it was suggested that I explore a more regular position as a professor. I had never previously considered this, but thought I might as well talk to the dean to see what possibilities existed and if they seemed mutually beneficial for both me and the school.

I met with the dean, a marketing professor, and gave him a copy of my first book, Mastering Your Sales Process. I had referred him beforehand to my web site, blog, and LinkedIn page so that he had some sense of my background. We had a robust conversation, and he seemed genuinely interested in what I might contribute to the masters program. Then he derailed the conversation by telling me that it is not customary for the school to hire professors without an advanced degree. My formal education stopped at a bachelor’s degree.

I asked the dean what kind of degree might qualify someone to teach the subjects that I was able to teach, specifically sales. He admitted that there is no formal degree that teaches such things. He further agreed that my 20+ years of experience were far more valuable to the students than anything that I might learn in a master’s program, at least with respect to the subject at hand. Finally, he agreed that the students and professors at the school had been very positive about my lectures and that I would make a valuable addition to the faculty of the school.

In spite of all of this, he decided against moving forward, as my advanced degree from the school of hard knocks would be difficult to explain to the board of trustees at the school.

I suppose it was my fault for not qualifying well. Why he wanted to meet knowing of this roadblock remains a mystery to me, but it illustrates well the fallacy of education when hiring salespeople.


Authors note (AKA shameless plugs)

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