Greetings blog readers – remember me? Yeah, it’s OK if it’s a bit foggy – it has been a while since I’ve posted. As is my habit, I’ll address the reasons for that here, and then tie it to sales. I’ll also start posting again, but more on that later.

So where the heck have I been? Here’s the short story – then the sales connection:

So about a year ago, I moved out of the house that I lived in with my wife and two kids. Things had been rough for more than a while, and after trying to resolve things, then trying to tough it out, we finally decided and executed on a move – mine to be specific.

At about that same time, I got a great, long-term consulting project that felt a lot like a full time job. I poured a bunch of energy into it, and really had a good time embracing a project that gave me more ownership than a typical consulting gig. Don’t get me wrong, I love consulting, but it is great to work on the inside now and again to get that perspective as well – I am sure that it also makes me a better consultant in the long run.

As that project tapered down, I found myself starting to wonder what I wanted to do with myself professionally.

  • Did I want to go and get some kind of a “real job” for a few years? It was fun to have that feeling again, maybe I would enjoy more of that kind of work for a while. I thought about contacting a few headhunters to explore that possibility.
  • Maybe I should try again to make a business idea work – I had started a business with a friend a few years ago, and the partnership killed the project, but the business idea was a good one – maybe I should try that as a solo act?
  • Then an opportunity came along to form and to be part of a consulting consortium, and I explored that for a while, but it just never got traction.
  • Or maybe I should just go back to what I was doing – writing my second book, blogging, and doing private sales force development consulting.

I realized that I didn’t know what I wanted to do, which is pretty rare for me, so I decided that the weight of the changes in my family life needed some time to settle in to allow me to get my perspective back.

So I took a step back from my life, and started re-framing. I put writing, blogging and sales force development on the back burner and started exploring the business opportunity, the consulting consortium, and the idea of working for someone else for a while.

I also joined a gym, bought a guitar, and started dating more actively.

In short – I recognized that I was stuck, and instead of wallowing there, I did stuff. It may have been the right stuff, or maybe not, but I wanted to keep moving, and I wanted to shuffle things up to help my perspective settle down.

At the end of it all, I decided that professionally, I really like consulting, writing and blogging. I’m a fairly independent fellow, and this work suits me quite well. I’m going to get back to my regular weekly blog posting schedule, will pick up where I left off on my second book, and will get back into consulting with a slightly different pricing / service model and a new marketing idea that I came up with over the last few months.

So where is the sales lesson in all of this?

For me, at the end of the day, my work is selling my consulting services. The books and the blog are a part of that. From the 30,000 foot view, this last year has really just been a time to take my foot off of that pedal for a while and regroup.

Sometimes, life just happens. Relationships change; people get sick; jobs get lost or changed; disasters happen; life happens.

When adversity comes, it may seem like strength to just keep pushing forward, and it does take a certain amount of strength to do so – but when possible – to the extent that it is possible – it is also a good opportunity to recalibrate. It is a great opportunity to ask yourself what can you change, what do you want to change, and what can you do to get yourself through the adversity and the aftershocks, and back to a good place personally and professionally.

There is no right answer of course – but doing something trumps doing nothing. As I sit here typing away, a few weeks from the one-year anniversary of my renewed bachelorhood, I feel like I’m happy to be here. I searched my soul, gave myself time and space to heal, and I’m ready to come back kicking!

Different life circumstances allow different forms of renewal, but if the “opportunity” for renewal comes – no matter how ugly and hard the package might be – don’t miss the opportunity to grow from it, in whatever way that your circumstances allow.

I’ll be writing more about (more) sales related topics including my second book in the weeks to come. It’s good to be back on this end of the blog, glad you’re there on the other end. See you again here next week!