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Sales Process Adoption remains a headache for any of us managing a sales organisation. However, is there a simple framework that allows us to deal with a sales force, particularly a large, multi-national, diverse sales force, without the complications?

Peter Bernard at Halliburton Co., summed it up pretty well I thought and I felt it was a great lesson to share, with a few things added from me:

1. Clearly Communicate Tasks and Objectives:

Goals and objectives must always be realistic, clearly communicated throughout the organisation (one good way would be during a sales kickoff), and most importantly, easy to understand. Transparency will go a long way here.

2. You Must Have Passionate People, Leading and Supporting the Change:

Having the most passionate people willing to adopt, implement and influence those around them to adopt the new process will be another crucial aspect to getting the process adoption achieved. It is also vital to have a good monitoring tool to measure the results and a set of good training tools will always help this along the way. You need to get your sales team driving the change for effective results.

3. Benchmark towards a goal and Measure all the Steps towards it:

Understanding your market positioning gives you some to drive for, it give you a benchmark to work towards. Articulate your next vision and pushing for that is a key way in getting the process adoption underway.

In large businesses, the operations spread far and wide. Measuring everything from a central hub is not easy but leaving each country to their own management is also not the best model around. The key is to measure everything, geography, accounts, salesperson activity etc…

4. Incentives for your Salespeople when they Excel:

Incentives (pre-communicated) are an excellent motivational tool and makes your sales team proactively work that little bit harder to get those significant results. If the salespeople do not perform, get together and work out the areas of improvement to get them to the next level for the coming year.

5. Celebrate and Redevelop the Process:

When you win, you must celebrate. Use it as a way in which to further enhance your sales team motivation and show them you care.

But don’t forget that every loss should be understood to avoid it happening again. Sit back down and understand the route to those losses and then draw up a plan to counter those for the following year. Not to forget, analyse those wins and share some of those best practices.

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Umar Gill

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