Anyone who has been involved in a sale will have experienced a buyer who has run a little later than anticipated therefore cutting down the time you have to actually sell. So in this instance it is good to be armed with a short call toolbox to deliver quick messages that will capture the buyer and get the advance you want.

This toolbox should include (as a bare minimum):

1. Confirming Purpose and Inquisitive Questions

It is always good to have an agenda in place before any call and to spell out the purpose and reason behind why you are standing or speaking to the person today.

It also does not hurt to go through a series of inquisitive questions to really gain an initial understanding of where to take the call from there. It is crucial in a normal call to not waste any time and this is heightened in a short call.

2. Get what you need

Don’t be afraid to ask the questions that you really need to know during these short calls. It is important to really make sure you gain exactly what you need to from the call so plan ahead and make sure you take these points from the call.

3. Advance the Call

Get a commitment!!

As with every sales call you do, it is important to gain a commitment from the buyer to move your call forward. This can be a variety of different movements depending on the stage of your call but for instance a follow up meeting would be one example of a new advance in the call.

These three tips would make even the longest call a success but by being succinct, to the point and very structured, you can make even the shortest call go a long way.