Why do we buy services?

I can think of three main reasons that we buy and therefore those three reasons are why people buy from us. These three reasons are:

a) Something needs fixing
b) Something needs to be avoided
c) Something needs to be accomplished

So using this, let us now consider some approaches to getting world class customer focus.

Approach Part One: Understand your Client and Get into their Mindspace

So looking at these three reasons more carefully, it becomes critical that we can address these in the best possible way to ensure we are really servicing our clients to the highest possible standard. Firstly, we must understand our clients’ position/problems and the reasons behind why they are buying and what they are trying to achieve.

Then as salespeople (and not order takers) it is our job to really understand the depth of these problems and to assess the size of the gap that the client has. Naturally, the larger the gap in the clients mind, the more likely they will be willing to buy or be sold to.

Approach Part Two: How does this benefit me?

In all sales it is important that both the salesperson and the client gain the best possible outcomes from the relationship. This win-win scenario must be your desired outcome.

But what exactly is a win?

I feel that the most impactful win is usually personal and one that will benefit the client you are dealing with in the long run. For example, if using your services directly impacts the person’s promotion potential and hence is promoted, this is a win.

A win cannot simply be an increase in sales. There is no direct impact for the client but more so for the collective organisation. It is when we take a deep-dive into the impact this has for the individual that we understand the ‘win’ for the client. For Example, this may be a bonus or job security/advancement.

Understanding how your customer will win will help you develop a significant solution and long standing relationship. This can only be done by asking questions and the types of questions that help you build the scenario and implications.

But remember this is a win-win relationship so you must be happy with what you are obtaining from the relationship. This in turn can have an abject effect on the relationship and it is all too easy to get caught up in the sales drive without considering the account management effects after.

Approach Part Three: Reengaging the Loop with FEEDBACK

Talk to your clients!

It is crucial that we take the time out to speak to our clients after the sale has been won or lost. To really understand how we can improve our customer focus, we need to know what our clients like about us and where they think we can improve. This is something that needs to be done with clients and should never be guessed or estimated. This will actually also help us to build a stronger relationship as the client will realise that you are focussed on improving your offering and services to them.

Even more important is to understand why we lose accounts. By gaining this knowledge, we are able to go back the drawing board to improve our customer focus and client relationships. These simple steps help us to understand what the client is thinking and going back to what we mentioned earlier, understanding your clients’ headspace is mission critical.

By adopting these best practices, you can be certain that you firstly, understand your customer’s needs, build a mutually beneficial relationship and finally keep yourself fresh in the loop by requesting and receiving feedback to help improve your overall customer first strategy.

I think this will probably do wonders for your sales close rate also!


Umar Gill
Rewiring Business Sales Blog