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From Chapter 1 – Book of business / connections

Somewhat related to industry knowledge is the book of business or connections that a prospective salesperson could bring to the job. Here, too, is a double-edged sword.

Let’s take what looks like the best-case scenario ─ your sales candidate is local, from your industry and brings a book of business from a competitor, ready to plug into your revenue stream. The obvious question has to be: What are the chances that your company could be on the other side of this equation in a short period of time?

Great companies build relationships with their clients as a function of their brand. Not all companies are great in this way. If your business tends to have salesperson-focused client relationships, be careful here!

The other question to ask of the salesperson who tells you about his or her “big book” is the reason for leaving the previous company? If things were going well on the client side, what did go wrong? Having a long list of names or a large number of connections on a social media network is not the same as having a big book of business. Questioning your sales candidate’s former company about sales ranking might be very illustrative. You may even ask for letters of recommendation from some of the clients in this alleged big book of business. The salesperson may not want to let the people in his book know of his or her departure from a company, but this shouldn’t prevent a request for a general letter of recommendation. If the book of business has any value at all, then getting five such letters out of people in this book that the salesperson can choose should not be a problem. If it is, then question the value of the book and the integrity of the salesperson.

Do also note that there may be legal issues with the big book as well. Recent court cases have explored the question of who owns the connections on social networking sites used for business. The argument has been made that the employer may have some rights here if the connections were made by an individual while on company time. Many companies also require a non-compete clause in their contracts, curtailing a salesperson’s ability to sell in the same industry and to the same clients for some period of time after leaving a company.

However you slice it, the “big book of business” looks great on the surface, but you will have to dig a bit deeper and from a few different directions to ensure that it is as good as it may appear at first glance.


Authors note (AKA shameless plugs)

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