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Sales Network 1

Episode 18: Mastering Your Sales Process

Podcast host Sebastian Vivacqua and I  take a DEEP dive into sales process, how they get developed and deployed wrong in most sales organizations and how to do it right. I'll admit it - I'm a sales process geek - if you don't know what that means and why it might matter to you, this is the podcast episode for you.

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Accelerate! with Andy Paul

Episode 714: A Holistic Approach to Sales with David Masover.

Andy and I discuss why and where sales training seems to be stuck, why focusing on the front end of the process makes so much sense and why a holistic view of sales is the best perspective for growth.

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Selling Local with Dale Dupree

Episode 30: Story time with David Masover

Dale and I discuss how a rough start in sales can turn a guy like me (or him) into an even better coach, how I invested the sales process before learning that someone else already did, and why so many struggle with sales management effectiveness.

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The Why and the Buy with Jeff Bajorek

Episode 159: Not all content is created equally

Jeff and I discuss selling and content creation on LinkedIn, how many struggle to turn that into real sales activity and some of the challenges that are keeping people from succeeding there and elsewhere in their sales efforts.

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Uncommon Sales Success with Randy Riemersma

Episode 5: B2B Sales Coaching with David Masover

Randy and I discuss the importance of being intentional in your sales career and why you need to make a plan to grow if that's what you want to do.

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The Premier Refract Podcast with Richard Smith

Episode -1: Before Refract even had an official podcast, I was interviewed by Richard Smith about sales coaching, how it differs from sales training and why it is such an important tool for all sales organizations to deploy effectively - one way or the other - with their front line salespeople.

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