People want to believe that there is a personality that is best suited for sales.

There is not.

Believing that one exists is a distraction from the true drivers of sales success. In my four years of blogging, questions about sales personality are among the leading drivers of Google traffic to my web site (I write about it from time to time). It is time that this myth is put to rest!

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I    Introduction

Questions like “do I have the right personality for sales” come up in Google
searches many times a day. They seem like a good questions, but they aren’t. There is no right or best personality for sales, and the search to find one distracts those who look and believe that there is from seeing (and pursuing) the true causes of sales success.

II    Why we want to believe in a sales personality

When we think of a stereotypical salesperson, we think of a charming or funny or fast-talking or otherwise persuasive person telling us just what we want to hear so that we are convinced to buy from them. These attributes that we think convince us to buy seem like personality traits – you are either born with them or not. But the fallacy lies in the fact that people don’t buy because of what they are told, or who is doing the telling.

III    What sales really is

The image of the slick, persuasive salesperson has been around for a long time, and most buyers are conditioned to it – and conditioned to ignore and avoid it. In the 21st century, sales professionals succeed when they learn what their customers want, then tailor a solution to meet those discovered needs. Persuasion happens as a part of a process of communication, not as a result of a personality driven performance.

IV    Personality doesn’t matter (and what does)

If you have been in sales, or around salespeople in some capacity for long enough, you have probably realized that salespeople with a wide variety of personalities can succeed, and that people with similar personalities can be equally likely to succeed or fail. Success seems to come most often to those who work methodically and consistently, who know their product well and work to explain it effectively to prospects, and who listen to their prospects to understand the needs they can fill. These behaviors have to do with the craft of professional selling, and have nothing to do with personality.

V    How to be good at sales (with the personality you have right now)

Sales is about listening and learning; about having a system and working it; about refining your system, your knowledge and your craft as you move along in your professional life, learning and improving as you go. Your personalty doesn’t matter, so stop distracting yourself with that very misleading idea and start working on what will really makes a difference in your sales success.

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