As the American Football season winds down, I have once again become inspired to tie the sales blog to some observations from the grid iron playing field.

When I played American football in high school, I was tall, fast and lean, so I played receiver on offense and defensive back on defense. For my international readers, that means that I was one of the guys that ran out to catch the ball, or one of the guys who tries to prevent them from doing so.

As such, I tend to watch those positions with more attention, having had at least a small amount of similar experience myself.

What always strikes me are the patterns that the professional receivers in the NFL run. Most of the time, they are pretty simple, and pretty much the same patterns that we ran in high school.

The difference of course, is execution. How fast they can change direction; how they can fake one way then cut the other with such grace and subtlety along with such immense power; and of course, how they can catch and hang on to some pretty tight, hard passes while the very strong and often very close defensive backs try to tackle them while always clawing at the ball.

All of that stuff is the same stuff we did on the high school team, and in the park playing with friends while we were young.

But the execution is on a completely different level. The professional players in the NFL condition their bodies and minds; learn their plays; and practice their skills hard enough to allow a level of execution that is almost poetic to watch. Even the difference between college and professional is clear. The execution of the professionals is – well – in a league of it’s own.

So what about us sales people? We can learn a lot from this. When my clients ask me “what’s new in sales”, I often think to myself that this is just not the right question. What needs to be done in sales to be successful is mostly strong execution of some relatively basic skills.

Like in pro football, some sales situations may involve “plays” that are quite complicated, and there may be more “formations” to remember – so in many cases there is complexity – but regardless of the complexity of your sales environment, the skills themselves are the core, and work best when refined rather than revised or replaced.

So don’t be so quick to find the next best thing in selling. Remember that while many things change, the core skills needed to move a sales conversation forward are core skills. Keep polishing them like fine antiques before throwing them out for some shiny modern toy that may not last the test of time.


Authors note (AKA shameless plugs)

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Here’s to your success!