Your sales reps want to thrive. You want them to thrive too.

What if a 20-minute monthly pipeline review
with each rep was all it took?

If you’d like to see more of your reps meeting or exceeding targets – and a sales team culture of excellence and accountability – the Sales Team Success Formula™ could be the solution you’ve been looking for.

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How can you improve sales without an effective sales infrastructure?

If you’ve been looking for answers to solve inconsistent, lackluster sales, you know that most solutions focus on “fixing” individual sales reps.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t fix many of the core issues keeping most sales teams from optimal performance.

Of course, your sales reps have to be well-trained and highly motivated, but there is more to it than that.

If your team lacks the infrastructure to empower reps and to hold them accountable to the right things, hitting goals consistently will be almost impossible.

What if your team could have that infrastructure?

Simply put, you’d have a sales team that is equipped, empowered, and motivated to succeed.

That’s what a few elite sales leaders are doing inside the Sales Team Success Formula™ program.

As a 30-year veteran in sales, training, and entrepreneurship, I know what it takes to cultivate a thriving sales culture - one where everyone feels valued, empowered, and supported.

That culture looks a little different for every sales team, of course. No two businesses have the same goals, needs, opportunities, or resources.

The steps it takes to create a thriving sales culture, though, are consistent across all industries and business models.

This year, a small number of ready-for-change sales teams will take those steps inside the Sales Team Success Formula™ program.

If you’re ready to build a thriving sales culture built on support, accountability, and excellence, perhaps your team will be one of them.

The Sales Team Success Formula™ is designed for smaller sales teams focused on rapid growth, consistent results, and higher revenue over the next 12 months and beyond. If your team fits this description, let’s set aside a time to talk.

Reserve your assessment to find out if the Sales Team Success Formula™ is right for you and your team.

What is the
Sales Team Success

Simply put, the Sales Team Success Formula™ is a collaborative, 16-module program where I work alongside both your sales managers and individual sales reps simultaneously to develop the efficient and effective infrastructure your sales team is missing.

Because every member of your team is involved in defining and fine-tuning that infrastructure, you get strong buy-in from each team member. After all, reps are highly motivated to succeed within frameworks they helped create.

Completing the 16-module Sales Team Success Formula™ program achieves these goals, which make up and support your overall sales culture:

  • Introducing managers and reps to the co-creative Sales Team Success Formula™ process;
  • Defining the goals and objectives for the program – what will your sales team look like once you’ve completed the journey?;
  • Mastery of the Four Level Sales Process™, my proprietary method for optimizing sales performance;
  • Establishing relevant KPIs and metrics and mastering the tools and tech needed to track performance data;
  • Optimizing effectiveness of pipeline and accountability review, deal and call review processes, coaching sessions, and other rep meetings; and
  • Distilling everything we’ve built together into a sales culture built on support, accountability, and the pursuit of excellence.

The result? Each member of your sales team has a personalized plan – along with team support and guidance, clear ongoing feedback, and a sense of personal investment – to enjoy the kind of success you’ve always envisioned for them.

Together, your team understands and leverages individualized systems, knowledge, and processes that amplify the success of each team member. That’s the kind of sales team that thrives today.

Want to know more about the Sales Team Success Formula™?

If you’re tired of the disappointment, frustration, and endless fire-fighting that comes with managing a typical sales team, it’s time to see if the Sales Team Success Formula™ is right for you.

I’d like to invite you to schedule a private one-on-one assessment with me to discuss the unique challenges you are facing with your sales team and whether the Sales Team Success Formula™ is your next best move to address them. While this program isn’t right for every sales team, it could be exactly what your team needs to achieve record success - individually and collectively.

If we agree that the Sales Team Success Formula™is the right next step in your team’s evolution, we can get started as soon as you are ready..

Even if we don’t move forward together inside the Sales Team Success Formula™, your private assessment will provide valuable insights to help you determine your best “next steps” toward greater success for you and your sales team.

The Sales Team Success Formula™ is an intensive program designed for rapid, powerful results. Because the guidance and systems I provide inside this program are highly customized and intensive, I insist on maximizing my time with each client.

This, of course, limits the number of clients I can accommodate at any given time.

If you’d like to have a high-performing sales team, a culture of excellence, and smooth-running, transparent systems - the Sales Team Success Formula™ could be the solution you’ve been looking for.

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