If you spend enough time on LinkedIn (maybe five minutes or more) you will run across a question or a group discussion that asks the question:

Can you really make any money using social media sites like FaceBook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.

On the surface, it doesn’t seem like a bad question. Before investing a lot of time or energy into something you should try to find out how valuable it will be – how much ROI you might expect on your investment of time and energy.

You see the same kinds of questions around blogging, free e-books, free webinars, and other “free give-aways” that have become ubiquitous in the free-for-all information buffet that the internet has become.

But if you dig past the hype of the new, the same kinds of questions are directed at communication strategies that have been around for longer as well. People ask if cold calling still (or ever) worked; if it makes sense to invest marketing budgets into trade shows, or print advertising, or point-of-purchase displays in retail stores.

All of these questions are legitimate, and they all miss the point:

Content matters!

The effectiveness of all of the promotional strategies listed here – and those not listed here – is driven by content.

Imagine that a similar question – about intrinsic value – was asked about television, where the answer depends on what you are watching; or music, where the answer depends on what you are listening to; or books, where the answer depends on what you are reading.

Social media, blogs, webinars, and advertising and promotion of all kinds will be effective if the content projected through those mediums is well targeted, compelling, and actionable. If it is not, then results won’t be either.

Does “X” work is just too simple of a question.  Those who ask it are not yet understanding that the message trumps the medium. If the message is right, and well targeted, then any medium could be highly effective. Some are surely better than others, and some work better for some situations than others, but the discovery of which ones are best for any specific purpose is surely more than a binary decision about the fundamental effectiveness of the medium alone.


Authors note (AKA shameless plugs)

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Here’s to your success!