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From Chapter 1 – The Core Attributes of Sales Failure

Negative attitudes about sales
In my first book, Mastering Your Sales Process, I spent a bit of time talking about how salespeople often have a bad professional self-image. I punctuated the point with the old saying that salespeople are those who are too lazy to work but too honest to steal.

Great salespeople believe that they serve their prospective clients by knowing their business, their product, and the solutions they can provide. They genuinely believe that their job is to help the prospect. It is pretty easy to feel good about selling when this is at the core of your perspective.

However, based on my observations while managing, training, and coaching salespeople in many parts of the world, most salespeople simply don’t feel this way. Most salespeople buy into the stereotypical perception of salespeople held by society in general, that salespeople are there to trick people out of their money and sell them whatever shoddy goods they happen to represent. Whether this perception is deeply rooted in the subconscious or closer to the surface doesn’t matter. It is a killer.

The other mentality that hurts salespeople is a deep-down feeling that they don’t know what to do to make sales happen. There is an expression that even blind pigs occasionally find food. This is how many salespeople operate. They do some activities that feel like selling, and sometimes someone buys something. Deep down they know that they are a fraud, but they never took the time to study their discipline so they muddle through their work days with usually too much bravado and not enough results.

Whatever the source of the negative feeling about sales, it hurts sales performance because it acts like a lead weight. As I said earlier in this chapter, sales takes a lot of psychological fortitude. Negative feelings about selling will take energy out of conviction when it is needed most. Those with negative attitudes about sales might do all of the right things. But when the deal, the conversation, the proposal, or the objection is on the edge ─ leaning one way then the other ─ this is when conviction will fail the salesperson with a negative self-image and results will suffer immensely.

Discovering negative attitudes is easy. Simply listen to your salespeople talk about their work. If they are doing that a lot (rather than doing the work), most of the talk is probably negative. With salespeople you wish to hire, ask them what they love about sales, then what they hate about sales. Or ask them why they got into sales or what they would do for work if they were not in sales. You don’t need to be a therapist to see what lies behind these answers as they relate to negative feelings about sales. If you interview people for sales jobs who hate their work, imagine how much you will hate having them work for you!


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