Through a circuitous set of random, post-modern, typical social network related events, I bumped into an old buddy online who reminded me of the pick-up 5-on-5 football team we had when we were young and dumb enough to play full contact for the sake of glory, and forsaking pads. I so clearly remember playing on Saturday and staying sore until Wednesday – and loving it!

My buddy reads this blog (what up, Harry-O!), and he chastised me for not writing about our team – The Barron Park Weasels (we always found a way to weasel out a win). He was right, but what to write about? Two subjects came to mind right away, so let me address one of them now – the power of spirit! More later…

In our first organized game ever, we played some kids from the “snooty” part of town for a case of beer – serious currency in high school (I checked with my lawyer – we’re good on the statute of limitations – no worries Harry-O).

Since we were in high school – during an era when most families still ate dinner together most nights – we played until we all had to go home for dinner. About half way through, we stopped for, well, half-time. The other guys were kicking our butts 21-0. We were simply not prepared to let these guys win. Unfortunately, at 5’ 10” I was the tallest guy on the team, and at 145 pounds, Harry was the heaviest – we were not a physically dominant team.

During that half-time break, while the snooty kids were busy congratulating themselves, we worked out a strategy. Honestly, I don’t remember what it was, but I do remember this: Harry and Fuji were tasked with rushing the quarterback while we were on defense, and they were fiercely determined to let nothing stop them. I remember them chanting “faster, faster” before each play, to psych themselves up to sack the opposing QB even faster than during the play before – and sack they did. When they didn’t, they caused enough trouble to let me and T-bone disrupt the passes or to let Bernie stick the runner trying to get out of the back field.

The only thing fueling us was the desire to win, more accurately, the dread of losing.

By the time Harry’s mom called him for dinner (he lived within earshot of the park), we had tied the score 21-21, and were clearly dominating. We did not have to buy beer, and did not have to suffer the taunts of the opposing team during the next week as school. Even though the score was tied, we won.

This was the first game the Weasels ever played, and the only time we did not win definitively. We were never the biggest, tallest or fastest. We played all kinds of 5-person teams, with all kinds of bigger, stronger, faster and more talented players, but our spirit always made us rise up to meet the challenge – in all kinds of conditions, and against all kinds of challenges.

If you ever had a sports experience like this, you know how difficult it is to capture the spirit in words, but if you have, then you know what I mean.

But this is a sales blog……

Right – yes – and the desire to “win” is no less real in sales, it is just defined a bit differently.

The point to take away is the incredible power of will, or spirit, in overcoming seemingly insurmountable odds, and wining anyways. If you bring a “keep pushing, never give up” spirit to your sales efforts, you may not have the undefeated record of the Barron Park Weasels, but you will probably win more than if you don’t.

Finding your inner drive is not easy, but it is cheap – it costs nothing. All you need to do is to decide that success is what you deserve, and that failure – on the grand scale – is just not acceptable. From there, watch your drive lead you to the strategies and tactics that get you there best.

You do have all of the answers – sales is not complicated. Convince yourself that you deserve to win, and that if you try, then you can win. Do just this, and you’re at least half way there.

I’m going to go drink a beer and toast the Weasels. Damned that was good stuff!

Thanks for reminding me Harry!


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