There is no doubt; we are living in very uncertain times politically and economically.  Uncertainty can have a chilling effect on business decisions, including buying decisions – so as salespeople and business owners, what should we do about that?  One natural reaction is to stop trying.  If no-one is buying, why should I sell?  Aside from being untrue, this exaggeration is clearly not productive.  In spite of that, there are no shortage of people who seem to feel this way, and behave accordingly.  It’s a shame, and it won’t solve anything for the people who adopt this mentality.

But let’s be clear; in 2012, and perhaps beyond, it seems as if the economy may be pretty bad in many parts of the world.  But does that mean that the world has stopped?  Consider this:

  • People still eat.
  • And drive.
  • And go to movies.
  • And buy mobile phones.
  • And need all of the services that support them.

The businesses that sell these products and services also buy things.

  • Like insurance.
  • And computers.
  • And IT services.
  • And coffee for their employees.

Indeed, there may be some reductions in the volume of these purchases, but they won’t stop.

Accordingly, while some companies might starve in the dessert of the current economic conditions, most will survive.  Some may even thrive.

Is your company still alive? Or are you responsible for generating revenue for a company?  If so, what can you do?

The answer is simple.

Sell better!

Prospective customers still need to buy, but they will buy less, and buy more carefully.  If you want to survive, and maybe even thrive, your sales efforts need to be as strong as possible.

What can you do to improve your sales efforts?  The internet, book stores, and consultants are full of ideas and all are ready to help in their own ways.  If you decide that you want to improve your sales efforts – whether you are a salesperson or a person responsible for the success of a sales organization – there are plenty of resources available to you if you decide to seek them out in earnest.

Still not convinced? Still believe that the world is ending?  Then consider one last thing:

If there are 10 companies who do what you do in your market, and you believe that some of them will fail, what happens to their customers?  Perhaps your choice is as simple as this: Will you do what it takes to win the customers of your competitors – failed or not – or will you do nothing and wait to die, while the vultures circle your dying body.  Sorry for the graphic metaphor, but if it fits you at all, you just might need that shock to help you wake up.


Authors note (AKA shameless plugs)

So, this 7-step sales process and associated topics…. Yup, I write about that a lot. I’ve been working with it since I developed it about 25 years ago – in my own diverse work experiences, with my teams when I had them, and with clients ever since.

If you would like to develop you own personalized and customized, highly effective and efficient B2B selling system, here are some further steps you can take:

The Salesman’s Guide to Dating is a free or very cheap (depending on Amazon) Kindle book that walks you through the sales process using the familiar analogy of dating. It’s a good, fun and quick way to get your mind around the whole process and how the pieces fit together.

Building Your Sales Process (BYSP) is a free and very thorough exploration of the same 7-step process that will walk you through the development of your own customized, personal B2B selling system. When you are done, you will know exactly what to do to get new business.

The Momentum Selling System® is an inexpensive but very robust online sales training course that is similar to BYSP, but goes deeper into the concepts behind each of the steps, and also helps you develop a plan not only for the 7-step process but also addresses mindset, repeat business and client base management.

If none of that sounds right, I do personal coaching and offer a free 30-minute intake session so that we can both learn if it makes sense to work together 1-on-1. If this sounds interesting, click over to the coaching page on this site and sign up for the free session.

Here’s to your success!